Understanding the Chakras & Chakra Balancing

The term chakra is loosely translated (from Sanskrit) as spinning wheel or vortex of light. A chakra is in essence an energy centre which is responsible for absorbing and releasing specific types of energy to/from the body – each chakra working independently and as part of the whole, keeping the body, mind, emotions and spirit

The Universal Principles of Energy. Part V

The final post in the series we consider the principals of Magnetic Affinity, Divine Order, Soul Evolution and Enlightenment. These principles are those that govern us not from a body-mind, emotional or mental level – these are principles that govern us from a spiritual/soul level. The Principle of Magnetic Affinity Magnetic Affinity is what some

The Universal Principles of Energy. Part IV

In the penultimate piece of this series, we explore the principals of Conscious Detachment, Wisdom, Unconditional Love and Fellowship. The Principle of Conscious Detachment “The Law of Detachment states that each person is a sovereign individual on a singular journey designed by their Soul to fulfil certain life goals, complete karma, heal fear-based patterns, and

The Universal Principles of Energy. Part III

In part three of this series of posts, we will explore the principles of resistance/attraction, gratitude, abundance and manifestation. The Principle of Resistance/Attraction and Gratitude ‘That which you focus on grows…’ – this is the simple, yet powerful concept of resistance/attraction and gratitude. There are two main forces that affect energy, Love and Fear.  The

The Universal Principles of Energy. Part II

In part two of this series of posts, we will explore the Universal Principles of Grace, Mirrors and Free will.  The Principle of Grace Grace is a sub-principle directly connected to the principle of Cause and Effect (Karma); Grace is directly ruled by intention and the ability to show mercy and compassion.  As we are

The Universal Principles of Energy. Part I

As we understand the natural law of gravity as it pertains to matter, there are laws which govern energy, maintaining order – this order being the cornerstone of creation. The Universal principles (laws if you wish), are based on the precept of energy – the universe, everything we perceive as life is made up of

The Inner Child?

The term Inner‐Child has been ‘well‐used’ in many arenas, most notably in Psychoanalysis, addiction recovery programs and more often now in holistic health circles… There is much talk of this‘new‐age’ catch‐phrase attached to varying forms of therapy, workshops and development courses. The concept of the Inner Child is in fact not a new ideology but

The Benefits of Reiki Healing

Reiki is based on the principle that everything is made up of Universal Life Force Energy and illness being an imbalance in this energy.  A Reiki treatment addresses the imbalances of energy by removing blockages, and channelling life force energy into the recipient’s body, mind, emotions & spirit. This being the case, the possibilities of

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