What is Crystal Healing and what is a Crystal Healing Session like?

There has been a great revival of interest in crystals, their beauty and ability to assist in healing…

The use of Crystals in health, protection and wellbeing can be observed in nearly every ancient civilisation across the globe. These ancients lived in harmony with nature and had a deep understanding of the healing properties of both the crystalline and the plant kingdoms.

One needs to begin by remembering that humans are made up of more than just flesh and bone – we have a vast network of bio-electric vortices (chakras), pathways (meridians) and an energy field (aura), that reaches well beyond the physical body.  On the same token, an understanding that crystals are not inanimate objects – each crystal holds a unique geomagnetic vibrational pattern and it is this vibrational pattern that interacts with and has the ability to affect the energy flow of both the physical body and energy field of humans, plants, animals and other minerals.

The therapeutic effects of Crystal Healing are powerful and far reaching – working on all levels of the body, mind and spirit, promoting health by soothing, balancing and re-reenergising the physical and energetic body. In addition to promoting wellness and helping to prevent illness, crystal therapy supports the recovery from existing conditions.

There are a variety of methods employed in the practice of Crystal Healing – these range from wearing crystals, the incorporation of crystals into therapeutic massage, placement of crystal into grids or within ones environment, meditation and many more….

For the purpose of this article we will focus on three of the more commonly used methods, namely the laying on of crystals (crystal layouts), crystal massage and crystal meridian therapy.

Crystal Meditation Layouts involve the placement of crystals on or around the body, in a particular pattern, to rejuvenate and heal the mind and body. Whilst allowing the crystals geomagnetic  vibration to balance and align the energy system, you are taken on a guided journey (meditation) which will ease the mind and emotions from stress and worry – activating your body and minds innate ability to heal.

Crystal Massage – Massaging with crystals combines the relaxing benefits of massage with the healing vibrations of crystals and reiki – these treatments work on a physical level but also on a deep energetic level. Not only does the physical body enjoy total relaxation but all inner emotional stresses are gently addressed – and dispelled.

Crystal Meridian Therapy is a non-invasive, gentle technique that involves the stimulation and clearing of the main meridians (energy pathways) using healing crystals, in order to create balance between body, emotion and spirit – thereby aiding the body’s natural ability not only to heal but also prevent imbalances that lead to illness.

What to expect? Experiencing a Crystal Healing Treatment…

Your first Crystal Healing Treatment will start with an intake interview – this discussion will cover a brief medical history, your needs, concerns and expectations of the treatment.

During any Crystal Healing treatment you remain fully clothed – loose, comfortable clothing is advised to particularly for crystal massage treatments to prevent the crystal from dragging/catching on the skin and causing discomfort. A reasonable amount of warmth will be retained with coverings to assist in lymphatic drainage.

You will be asked to lay down on the therapy bed (plinth) and simply relax:

  1. In the case of a crystal layout session the practitioner will scan and assess the energy system and begin placing the required crystals on and around the body.
  2.  In the case of a crystal meridian session the practitioner will work largely with the feet and/or hands as these are the entry and exit points of the meridians.
  3. Massaging with crystals combines the relaxing benefits of traditional massage with the healing vibrations of crystals and reiki – these treatments work on a physical level but also on a deep energetic level. There are many massage combinations to choose from such as full body massage, back, neck and shoulders and so forth.

Session timing is based on the treatment option chosen. On completion of your treatment 5 minutes will be spent on reviewing the session, the therapist’s findings and any feedback and or questions you may have.

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