Curing vs. Healing There’s a difference?

Two closely linked terms that are often used synonymously to describe a determined strive for health; however, these two terms refer to very different outcomes… Let us explore the meaning of Curing versus Healing.

The word Cure pertains to the relief from or elimination of disease. Curing is biochemically based – it looks only at the physical aspect of the individual and considers a state of health as a lack of symptoms.

The word Heal means to repair, by natural processes, in order to restore and maintain wellbeing. Healing holistically looks to the body, mind, emotions and spirit to find how each of these aspects of the individual plays an integral role in health.

So what does that mean? Simplistically put, one would consider a painkiller a cure for a headache in that within a very short period of time the painkiller will eliminate all symptoms of the headache. Healing, on the other hand, would consider the origins of the headache – why is the individual suffering headache, what are Body-Mind associations behind the symptoms – Are there mental processes or strains? Is there an emotional trigger that brings about a pounding head? Are there nourishment deficiencies? Healing is a process of self-discovery and growth that enables the individual to find balance and therein their natural ability to heal their body, mind and spirit.

I want to be clear – cures have a definite and often life-saving role to play in healthcare. Be it a painkiller or chemotherapy the benefits of symptomatic treatment cannot be lightly dismissed, it is almost impossible for one to focus on health and the process of healing when not afforded a period respite from painful symptoms. The dulling or elimination of symptoms however, is not the end but the starting point of healing…Healing is based on the premise that disease or illness is rooted in a mental, emotional or spiritual condition that has manifested as a physical vulnerability to disease in the body. Healing is not solely focussed on physical manifestations (illness) but also on mental-emotional health and spiritual awareness.

The goal of healing is not to eliminate symptoms of illness but to address the origins and to change and repair the cause… the building of healthy interactions between all of the aspects of oneself.

To conclude, Curing and Healing may seem to be two completely different approaches to treat illness/disease – yet, complement each other when used wisely on the journey to health and wellness.

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