Manifestation… we have all heard of it, very few have not read or watched ‘The Secret’ or at the very least been told about the concept of creating your own abundant reality.

What is Manifestation? Simply put it is the art of visualising your dreams and then taking the steps to make them reality… Sounds easy enough right? Perhaps, however, many of us struggle with

manifestation for two reasons – foremost on the list being that small voice inside our head, you know the one, the he/she that tells us that it’s all too much, too big, too silly… The voice that tells us that life is hard and we just don’t have what it takes (whatever the dialogue, it’s rarely encouraging!). The second biggest challenge being the ability to visualise – and this is visualising not daydreaming… Oh yes, there is indeed a difference, visualisation happens in the present moment whereas daydreaming lives in the ‘what‐if’s’ of the future…that‘one‐day’.

The truth is ‐ we are all “Master Manifestors”… we are in reality manifesting every moment of every day – our life is a direct mirror of that which we manifest every day…sounds a bit much, I know, but it is true.

We actually have a firm grasp on manifesting the things we don’t want – why? Because we are constantly reinforcing our minds with negative concepts and ideas  ‐  as one of my teachers so aptly put it  “The Universe doesn’t hear don’t and not”… where do we expend most of our manifesting energy? On avoiding those things we don’t want by constantly thinking and speaking of these things.

So how does one turn this negative manifesting into a positive of manifesting the things we really dream of? A change of consciousness… a change in the way we speak and think about ourselves and our world – knowing and growing ourselves requires courage and honesty, traits that are inherent in all of us.

Manifesting can be as hard or as easy as you THINK it is… your mind will dictate your matter.

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