Meditation unpacked.

The word meditation is a Latin derivative of the terms:

‘meditari’ : to think, dwell upon, to exercise the mind.

‘mederi’ : to heal

The Sanskrit expression meaning wisdom.

I offer you my definition of meditation….

~ The act of dwelling within, to exercising the mind for the purpose of healing, this is true wisdom ~

Numerous clinical trials have proven that meditation can boost the immune system, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and stimulate the hormones of the body (i.e. Melatonin, which slows the aging process within cells and also assists in preparing the body for sleep).

Firstly let us explore and hopefully dispel the more common misperceptions that set the beginner on a path destined to lead to frustration and the feeling that “I must be doing this wrong”…

  • The practice of meditation immediately silences the ego and halts stressful emotion in its tracks –meditation is not a tool for permanently shutting down the mind or closing off the ebbs and flows of life… Meditation does provide you an inner sanctum, a place of peace and calm in which dealing with the day‐to‐day stressors becomes easier and less traumatic, it can unlock a base of wisdom within that allows you to see that “this too, shall pass”. You will begin to develop the ability to handle life’s challenges in a calm and ordered manner.
  • Meditation is only effective when you have mastered hours of detachment – meditations effectiveness has no connection to the amount of time you are able to meditate for… success is based on consistency and individual daily rhythms, be it 10 minutes, 20 minutes or an hour a day – success is the ability to practice regularly with joy and peace.

For many, the images that come to mind when considering meditation are those of robed monks sitting in an impenetrable state of silent contemplation. Yes, this is meditation but consider this a technique – there are many differing techniques and methods which we can call upon to reach our objectives.

Many of us struggle to quiet the conscious mind adequately to hold this state of inner peace and allow this to waiver our belief in our own ability to achieve this state. One must understand and honour that some techniques that may work for one may not work for another – consider this not as an achievement or failure but an opportunity to discover more.

Let us consider a few common meditation techniques:

• Mindfulness

• Breath‐work

• Moving Meditation

• Prayer

• Chanting /mantras

• Visualisation and Imagery

• Mandalas and Yantras

Any one or combination of these techniques can bring about the same inner peace, calm and healing that one wishes to achieve in the practise of meditation.

For the purpose of this article I will further explore my personal favourite form ‐ creative meditation….

Creative Meditation is one technique that offers a unique and interesting adventure of elf‐discovery and mastership – creativity is a vital the key to problem‐solving, developing new and improved systems in any area of life. The best element of creativity is that each and every individual has a deep running ‘vein’ of creativity and innovation waiting to be awakened!

The journey of finding personal creativity it where we can begin to find the greatest healing, joy and peace.

What is creativity – a dictionary definition:

  • the state or quality of being creative.
  • the ability to transcend traditional ideas ,rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to   create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods or  interpretations.
  • Originality, progressiveness, or imagination.
  • the process by which one utilises creative ability.

One often holds the concept of creativity as the ability to paint or compose a masterpiece, to dance like a lead in Swan Lake…

I challenge you to transcend this misguided concept!

Embrace the concept that within each of us is a creative spark that if given the space and loving kindness can be far‐ reaching in its impact on our ability to find peace, love, happiness and healing… Want to learn more about Creative Meditation?  Join me in exploring the depths of your personal creative spark!  Visit the website’s “classes n courses” page for more information

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