The Inner Child?

The term Inner‐Child has been ‘well‐used’ in many arenas, most notably in Psychoanalysis, addiction recovery programs and more often now in holistic health circles… There is much talk of this‘new‐age’ catch‐phrase attached to varying forms of therapy, workshops and development courses.

The concept of the Inner Child is in fact not a new ideology but was originally developed as the Divine Child by the great psychoanalyst Carl Jung, growing in popularity in the early 1940’s, with the introduction of Eric Bernes’ Transactional Analysis and undergoing a widespread reawakening in the late 1970’s with Louise Hay’s Heal your Body.

So what does the Inner Child actually mean and what relevance does it have on improving my life today?

Carl Jung stated that “In every adult there lurks a child. An eternal child, something that is always becoming, is never completed, and calls for unceasing care, attention, and education. That is the part of the human personality that wants to develop and become whole.”

With this in mind, we can define the Inner Child as an aspect of our total personality – the aspect that defines who you really are…the person you used to be before the world and your life experiences moulded you into someone different.

The little children we used to be are still inside us. None of us ever stopped having the child aspect but most of us have lost contact with this aspect of ourselves. This is a ‘bad’ thing, you ask? Yes indeed – perhaps not so much ‘bad’ as it is sad… The Inner Child holds the best aspects of who you are.

Many will have heard of Inner Child Therapy, in the sense of resolving past traumas and hurts –what the adult self sees as traumatic or not is often not the view held by the child… Every person has wounds within the child aspect that resurfaces when we are confronted with certain emotional situations. This, however, is but one small aspect of the Inner Child workings ‐ reconnecting with the Inner Child can provide the adult self with unbridled creativity, a fun‐loving, adventurous, inspirational aspect of who you are… an aspect that sees any obstacle it faces, as an adventure!

The Inner Child can be your guide and ally, giving you valuable information about your true nature. However, if her/his needs go unmet for too long, she/her can “act out” and cause problems for our adult selves.  An example of the Inner Child acting out… we have all experienced that moment where all reason leaves and the tantrum’ing child enters…road‐rage,melt‐downs in the shops, outbursts at work – some of us have these ‘moments’ more often than others but do not be mistaken, we all have them.

If you find yourself caught up in the seriousness of life, perhaps it is time to rediscover yourself, your divine child… the adventurer!

HolisticMe offers a magical half‐day workshop – Journey to the Inner Child – in which we uncover and reconnect with the Inner Child, explore methods of remaining in contact and nourishing this wonderful aspect of yourself! Visit the website for more information.

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