The Universal Principles of Energy. Part III

In part three of this series of posts, we will explore the principles of resistance/attraction, gratitude, abundance and manifestation.

The Principle of Resistance/Attraction and Gratitude

‘That which you focus on grows…’ – this is the simple, yet powerful concept of resistance/attraction and gratitude.

There are two main forces that affect energy, Love and Fear.  The principle of resistance – that which we fear holds our focus, this focus not only grows the fear but draws that which we focus on avoiding closer to us.  The principle of attraction works on the same model – that which we focus lovingly on, grows and is magnetically toward us.  The principle of Gratitude is a sub-principle intertwined not only resistance and attraction but also manifestation. The practice of gratitude created a positive creative energy within and around us. The energy created by gratitude is built on the divine framework, this framework is magnetism – one can only attract qualities and experiences which we already possess

An example of Resistance – You are fearful of conflict and do not want to be exposed to situations or people that involve a confrontational outcome, you spend a great deal of time thinking about how best to avoid these situations and people; yet you often seem to find yourself in these situations where conflict is drawn to you…  consciously or unconsciously you are focussing on that which you do not want, and thereby getting exactly that.

‘That which you resist, will persist.’

Attraction is a conscious choice to focus on the absolute positives that you want – if it is peaceful, calm individuals/situations you want – you first become peaceful and calm, by maintaining this focus you attract those people and experiences that share these qualities.  This does not mean that you will never experience conflict, however the bulk of your experiences are of a positive quality.

The ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ – have you noticed that when you are happy with your life as it is and grateful for everything and everyone you have around you, life just gets better? Gratitude begets more gifts! You give off good ‘vibes’ and good vibes are attracted to you.

‘As you sow, so you shall reap’

The Principle of Universal Abundance

Each of us is born with all the tools/skills/power to create everything we could possibly need or want in our lives. 

This ability to create your life is your ‘Birthright’ – as with any form of power comes a great responsibility – you are responsible for what you choose to create in life, both the seemingly positive and negative aspects.  Our greatest challenge to accessing Universal Abundance is the ‘scarcity’ beliefs that are shared by the majority of ‘teachers’ in our lives.   We are born into a world, where the majority truly believe that there is not enough to go around and therefore we must work harder, be smarter, grab what we can get and protect it. 

Until each individual breaks and reprograms these beliefs, we cannot access our true birthright of Universal Abundance.  We choose to continue on the path of scarcity, believing that those who break the barriers of success are simply ‘lucky’ – what we seem to miss is how we focus daily on  creating the scarcity that we believe in just as well as those who create abundance do.

The Universe is one of astounding abundance – awaiting your command.

The core difference between yourself and any self-made success story? How are you different from Richard Branson? He believes (focus of energy) he will succeed (attraction) and is not afraid to lose what he has because he knows there is an abundance to be had. What do you believe?

The Principle of Manifestation

The principle of abundance makes your greatest wishes available on command; the principle of manifestation is the tool you use to bring your creations into reality.  You have unlimited creative power (this power is based within your repetitive thoughts and emotions), you are a master ‘manifestor’ – take a moment to look at your life right now… You and you alone created this world, with the power of your beliefs, thoughts and feelings. 

If you are manifesting a negative experience and wish to change it, the answer is to invoke the same power you used to create it – just with new positive repetitive thoughts and emotions.

Take a look at my post on Manifestation, for some ideas around the concept.

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