The Universal Principles of Energy. Part V

The final post in the series we consider the principals of Magnetic Affinity, Divine Order, Soul Evolution and Enlightenment.

These principles are those that govern us not from a body-mind, emotional or mental level – these are principles that govern us from a spiritual/soul level.

The Principle of Magnetic Affinity

Magnetic Affinity is what some have come to call coincidence, synchronicity or soul contracting.  This principle governs life templates – the soul’s intricate plan for a lifetime of outcomes, lessons, the balancing of new energy with past experience.  This principle guides and orchestrates the perfect growth opportunities at the most opportune points in a lifetime.

 The template holds all of the details of your lifetime, from the date and time of your birth (main principles of Astrology), to physical make-up and right through to specific ‘synchronistic’ events which have a massive impact on a state of being.  Understand that a template is simply that – a guideline that is open to change and movement, one that will be affected by all of the other universal principles of energy.   

Magnetic Affinity can be considered as the souls power to create a life and manifest it in being. 

Both Chinese and Japanese proverbs speak of the red string of fate / red thread of destiny –  there is a thread that connects those who are to meet one another in a certain  situation or time they are exactly the right people to help each other in a specific way. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break…

The Principle of Divine Order

To truly grasp the principle of Divine Order, one need only look to the nature of the cosmos – there are no accidents and no ‘waste’ – everything serves a specified purpose, one that is intrinsically interlinked with all life.

Each individual affects and plays a role in Divine Order – through every thought, emotion and action.  Each individual piece of energy adds to and grows the energy of the whole.  The perfect circle of life!

We all have a place in the circle of life. Always remember who you are.
“It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love.”
~ Rafiki (The Lion King)


The Principle of Soul Evolution

Every Soul is striving toward the same goal – spiritual growth and evolution, to reach a point of pure expression of unconditional or divine love and compassion, an expression of self and the whole without separation of the two.

The soul as an unlimited energy source understands that there are no mistakes or failures, only opportunities to grow and test energetic knowledge.  Evolution is the soul’s progress on the path to mastering all of the Universal Principles, thereby returning to a state of energetic purity, balance and harmony – Total and completes freedom from fear (Divine Love).

The Principle of Vibrational Attainment (Enlightenment/Bodhisattva)

Matter is energy:  energy cannot die, it can only transform.  Energy must constantly move (in any direction), if energy remains still it is forced to transform (change). These are basic laws of physics – this is the principle of vibrational attainment. 

An energy source is offered continuous movement and opportunities to transform – moving to enlightenment, attainment, total freedom – this may involve moving forward, backward or multiple transformations.  There is no clear and predefined path to attainment – each energy source in required to carve its own unique path.

True attainment is governed by the Principle – when a soul has reached attainment and is fully able to hold its ‘space’ in a balanced harmonious state, the need for bodily lesson ceases; however a true Bodhisattva (Enlightened One) understands that there is no freedom of the individual until there is freedom for the whole. 

The Enlightened one masters and invokes the principle of oneness and chooses to continue (with and as a part of the whole), assisting all souls to reach their personal attainment. 

These are the 16 principles of energy that play out in every moment of every day, the principles that ensure that the ‘circle of life’ is maintained, structured and purposeful to all.

I have had a remarkably exciting journey describing and explaining these principles and trust that I have been able to assist you in gaining a clearer insight and greater understanding from the series.

With much Love & Light Always…Lee

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