The Universal Principles of Energy. Part I

As we understand the natural law of gravity as it pertains to matter, there are laws which govern energy, maintaining order – this order being the cornerstone of creation.

The Universal principles (laws if you wish), are based on the precept of energy – the universe, everything we perceive as life is made up of a mass of electrons and energy atoms.  Universally, energy is structured, each molecule serving a function as part of the whole.   You are intrinsically a cohesive part of this energy.

Let us first understand that Energy is observed as moving in a circular motion – with no beginning or ending point. All feelings, thoughts and actions are all a form of energy – energy cannot dissipate – it can only change form.  Therefore, the energy you as an individual release changes form to create an existence for yourself (your life), in addition to adding to the collective consciousness energy (our society).  I am sure we can all see the results of the individual and collective is mis-guided, largely due to the lack of understanding and observance of the universal principles of energy.

The universal principle of manifestation has become a ‘popular’ secret, and yet there are few who can sustainably manifest…why, because all energy is inter-connected – if one wishes to harness energy, all of the principles need to be applied to create a greater impact. One cannot simply attempt to harness the tail of the horse; the whole horse is required in order to ‘ride’.  

In this series of posts I will explore the universal principles – the what, how and why of each. In essence there are twelve main principles of energy and a number of sub-characteristics that feed into them.

The principle of Divine Oneness (Interconnection)

Also, referred to as the principle of Harmony, the principle of Divine Oneness is a simple understanding that everything is connected and each part affects the nature and well-being of the whole.  Your thoughts that become your words, your words that become your beliefs and your beliefs that become your creation – this will affect the greater world around you, like ripples in a pond.  The soul’s natural state is one of harmony, harmony is the first tenet of balance.

Example: – The easiest way to understand Oneness and Interconnectivity is to look to nature.  ” If honey bees become extinct, human society will follow in four years.” (Albert Einstein).  He was speaking of the symbiotic relationship of all life on the planet. We are all part of a huge interconnected ecosystem, each element playing a role dependant on many other elements all working in concert creating the symphony of life. Should any part of the global body suffer, so does the whole body.

The principle of Cause and Effect

Cause and effect – that which we have come to understand as Karma.  Cause and effect is one of the misunderstood energy principles, many see this as a form of universal punishment for bad deeds.  Karma is not concerned with bad deeds alone – it is but the ripple in the pond working its way back to the source – it is the principle of ‘getting out, what you put in’ be that a positive or negative contribution.  As both a natural and universal principle, every aspect of life is balanced by the principle of cause and effect.

 Example: –

  • You arrive at a shopping centre, you cheerfully and sincerely interact with a car guard (you become the cause), for the rest of the day, the car guard is cheerful and makes a great deal of effort to interact with all of his customers – Paying the cheer forward, it ripples outward (the effect) to everyone who comes in to contact with him and everyone whom each of those individuals come into contact with.  Days later you are greeted with cheer and enthusiasm (energy returned to source).

  • You are abusively judgemental toward yourself, in thought, emotion or action; you not only remove yourself from a harmonious state but also add to the group consciousness’ energy, creating a group culture of abuse and judgement.  You attract to yourself a multitude of situations that will amplify this energy (abusive partners, harshly judgemental boss or friends).  You will only break this amplification by learning that this external factor is a result of your own inner abuse – and then taking action to return to the harmony of loving yourself.  This is not punishment, but in fact the exact opposite… an opportunity to grow yourself.

By adhering to just these two principles you can change your ‘world’ immeasurably.  Take some time to observe, understand and work harmoniously with these principles. In the next instalment of this series we will look at the principles of Grace, Mirrors and Free Will.

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